About us...

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Sterling Contracting Co. specializes in Artisan Design + Build Construction...

Typical D+B Projects:

Standard Design + Build:

Quality New Construction.

Renovation & Restoration

& Remodels.

Garage & Workshops


Accessory Dwellings:

Mother-in-law Suites.

Backyard Cottage/Studios.

Home Office Space


Alternative Dwellinga:

Tree Houses.

Tiny Homes.

Container Homes...


Dream it... we'll build it.


It's been said that the ambitions we have will become the stories we live... Sterling Contracting Co. is a small, yet integral, part of the story I’ve been fortunate to tell, and it’s part of a story I intend on telling very well.”   - Matt Sterling


Sterling Contracting Co. is an Artisan Design + Build Contractor serving Maryville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas.  We specialize in quality construction, taking pride in the efficiency and effectiveness of our projects.  We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients as well as the communities in which we serve through quality craftmanship & professionalism.  We strive for a unique distinction within our projects highlighting innovation through building sciences and maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the Design + Build process. 


Sterling Contracting Co. takes pride in working with the most qualified professionals in the industry

to create an unparalleled experience from conception to construction.  Great lengths have been taken to assemble highly qualified suppliers & craftsman + energy & design consultants... all sharing similar values in supporting our community and the quality of the product we deliver...


...the conception & construction of ideas... big & small.